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About New Mexico Audio School

New Mexico Audio School (NMAS) is a unique opportunity for residents to learn state-of-the-art audio recording. Our no-nonsense approach focuses on real results. You will learn the latest audio techniques from recording to mastering and everything in between. You will have hands-on training in mixing, audio engineering, music production, live audio, and post-production audio while working with us in our professional studio. There is no better way to learn how to produce top-quality radio-ready music.

Whether you want to complete your music, or you want to become a professional audio engineer, our training will help you accomplish your goals. Unlike traditional schools, we will not waste your time teaching you things that you do not want or need to know. We will show you both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of audio engineering.


NMAS is a hands-on training program for persons who want to pursue careers in the recording industry as a music producer, audio engineer, or who may even just want to work on your music. Many of our programs are also great alternatives for musicians and composers who desire to learn more about the recording process to improve their craft. Whether you want to open your personal project studio, produce artists, or compose music for film and TV, NMAS can provide key training, experience, and help you create opportunities to get you started on your career. 

Within our audio engineering and music production programs and workshops, we currently offer training in the following subjects:

Audio Engineering and Music Production

Advanced Audio


Live Sound and Live Music

Your Music


NMAS has been on the cutting-edge of recording for several years now. We use high-end professional gear to achieve great sound quality. We have an extensive knowledge base on all areas of audio production from recording and mastering to everything in between. If you are looking to produce high-quality music using the latest techniques and technology then we are the go-to school. We are currently THE certified RRFC (Recording Radio and Film Connection) audio school for all of Albuquerque. To learn more about our programs click here.